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Brangus Gold Star

Commercial Marketing Program
Value Added Marketing Opportunities from Gate to Plate!
Through an aggressive and comprehensive marketing program, producers can realize more value than ever before from Brangus genetics. Progressive cattleman can add value to a calf crop simply by using a genetically proven, registered Brangus bull and enrolling the replacement females in the Black Gold program. Both steer and heifer calves are eligible for the Brangus Premium Feeder Calf program. Through Brangus GeneNet, calves are marketed on one of the most favorable value-based grids in the industry.

Black Gold Females ... your pasture connection to increased marketing opportunities!

The Brangus female needs no introduction to seedstock producers in America. She's hardy, heat tolerant, reaches puberty early and is a tremendous mother. Purebred or commercial, the Brangus female will consistently calve at two years of age and can continue to produce an annual payday many years past her English and Continental counterpart. It's a documented fact she will wean more pounds of calf throughout her life as compared to other breeds. In parts of the country where fescue is the primary grass source, research has proven her relative immunity to endophyte reaction. Brangus females are an economic solution to severe environmental losses experienced in the South and Mid-South from endophyte infested fescue.

Commercial cattleman reap the benefits from weaning a Brangus calf crop that is uniform in size, weight, color and structure. A high percentage of calves out of Brangus cross females will retain their predominant black color and will be polled.

And now the bright yellow "Black Gold" tag identifies your Brangus female as one of the most marketable in the beef industry. She is an efficient producer of high quality calves in some of the most demanding terrains in North America.

BLACK GOLD Brangus Females

  • Bred or open females
  • At least 50% Brangus
  • Sired by registered Brangus or out of Black Gold Premium qualifying females.


  • Solid Black bred or open females
  • Exhibit Brangus Characteristics
  • Sired by registered Brangus and out of Brangus type cows

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