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Quality cattle are in high-demand.  At Third Day Ranch, our genetic program pulled out all the stops when it came time to launch our offering.  Our cornerstone today is our well-known herd sire, John Wayne 44L, “The John Wayne“.

His offspring continue to draw some of the highest bid averages of any sire in the breed.  Think about that-not one or two super bull calves or bred heifers, but rather highest bid averages...

You'll find his offspring in many of the larger successful Brangus programs.  And those offspring are topping the sale charts in thier programs as well including the recent Center Ranch Dispersal sale, at The Mound Creek and Friends sale, the Salacoa Valley sale, and at the Camp Cooley sale just to name a handful.  Just the fact these programs have incorporated his bloodline into their herds should give you confidence in his ability to make the good ones great and the great ones special...

We were incorporating him into our herd before we were able to purchase him.  And we continue to incorporate him into our total program here as we aim to blend his kind of dominance and power with our top-of-the-line, hand-picked donors that bring balance, phenotype, maternal value, and carcass merit to the total formula.

And yet as good as JW 44L is for our program, we both know that it takes an even larger strategy to succeed over the long haul.  That's why at Third Day Ranch, we're 100% committed to the business plan for our Brangus cattle operation.  Our mission is to combine and duplicate three ingredients: (1) Bull Power, (2) Maternal Value, (3) People, Process & Systems. 

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