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Business Description

Cancun Grille® restaurants will concentrate its operations in areas of high consumer traffic. Locations will be chosen for maximum exposure to commercial business and residential areas that will attract the most customers for lunch and dinner. Cancun Grille will be different from its competitors as it will offer authentic Mexican cuisine instead of the standardized Americanized version of Mexican food.

Satisfied customers will enjoy a truly Mexican experience making them feel they are actually dining in Cancun. At Cancun Grille, we understand that food isn’t everything when it comes to dining, so we will make it our priority to provide our customers with a unique experience by surrounding them with the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of festive Cancun, Mexico. Of course, when opening any business, risks are present and this is very much the case for restaurants, as there are many alternatives. Therefore, our restaurants will be different from others to help ensure our growing success in the future while making Cancun Grille a very worthy dining experience.

We have determined our target market will be a diverse cross section of demographic consumers. Since our price range will not surpass or alienate our closest competitors, we can only assume that people of all ages (in our demographic profile) will be able to enjoy our food, environment and appreciate the convenience of our locations.

We know the value of understanding our competition and evaluating and determining their weaknesses and strengths. This is a valuable asset when starting a business, and this is where we can capitalize on our competitors’ weak points. First off, the restaurant business is competitive as there are many places to choose from when eating out. More specifically, though, there are a few main competitors selling Mexican food. However, by offering a truly Mexican experience, we feel that we will have a competitive edge over them. Also, we will have authentic Mexican food with a Caribbean flavor that these restaurants do not offer. By offering authentic food, and a Cancun experience we feel that we will be far superior to our competitors.

Our strengths lie in our originality. The service we provide is an extension of a regular restaurant, as we offer the “truly Cancun experience.” Not only will our food fire up your taste buds, but we’ll spark up your other senses too with everything ranging from our colorful decorations to our unforgettable music. Our restaurant will give our patrons the perfect setting so they can escape from the stressful activities of the day. Also, we will focus on Mexican food that stands out from the competition and is not already saturated by either the independents or others penetrating this market. We believe through different research and market analysis that Cancun Grille has the potential to reach markets throughout the United States and internationally that have been left untapped by a desire to bring Mexican food to Americans versus introducing Americans to Mexican food. Cancun Grille has the potential to capture a worldwide market and provide it something it is lacking, high quality authentic Mexican food with a flavor of the Caribbean.

Cancun Grille® Authentic Mexican Food with a Caribbean Flavor

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