Interview with Co-founders

Meet Francisco Cervantes
The Man behind the Image

The person responsible for Cancun Grille’s visual appeal is the very talented Francisco Cervantes. Francisco, a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston, Texas, where he received his degree in Visual Communications, beautifully created all the artwork for Cancun Grille including the logos, architectural drawing of the building, restaurant menus, signage and the design and layout of this informative brochure.

Francisco can also take credit for designing Cancun Grille’s eye-catching webpage. His skills include web and graphic design, as well as, computer graphics, cartooning, print production and pre press. He’s also an expert in full-page and booklet advertising and promotional pieces.

Starting as an intern for Health and Fitness Magazine in Houston, Francisco quickly advanced his career as an independent contractor for companies like Unocal, Piland Design, Inc., and Pegasus, Inc. working in all aspects of design and production. Most recent, he is the webmaster responsible for designing many corporate web sites and producing their marketing materials to meet a strict corporate standard.

Francisco is the recipient of several honors and awards both in school and in his professional line of work. He continues to stay abreast of the latest his field has to offer by attending classes and seminars.

Because of Francisco’s Hispanic heritage and lifelong love for the food of his country, he’s an expert in Mexican food and design and layout. Quite understandably, he’s become an asset to the creativity of our Company.

Cancun Grille® Authentic Mexican Food with a Caribbean Flavor

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