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Facts you should know

Cancun Grille will capitalize on these Quick Casual Restaurant (QCR) Facts

• Big Appetites Equal Big Sales
On a typical day, the restaurant industry posts average sales of more than $1.2 billion.

• Quick service-Restaurant Sales Quicken
Sales at quickservice restaurants reached $123.9 billion in 2004, up 1.5 percent over 2003 in inflation-adjusted terms and will grow in 2005 and beyond.

• Plenty of Locations to Choose From
The number of restaurant and food service outlets grew to 878,000 in 2004, up 79 percent from 1972.

• Record Sales for Restaurants
The restaurant industry is projected to reach a record $440.1 billion in sales in 2004, the 13th consecutive year of real sales growth.

• Quick service Operators Optimistic
Seventy-one percent of quick service restaurant operators expect business to be better in 2005 than in 2004 and continue to grow in years to come.

• Restaurants Offer Convenience
Nearly half of all adults (47 percent) say they spend more time than they would like preparing daily meals at home and look forward to eating out.

• Hungry Travelers Mean Big Business
Food and drink sales at hotel and motel restaurants and other accommodation restaurants grew 5.9 percent in 2004 to $19.9 billion.

• Students Are Hungry
Food and drink sales in colleges, universities, and primary and secondary schools grew 3.9 percent in 2004 to $21.7 billion.

• Restaurants Provide Opportunity
More than 40 percent of American adults have worked in a restaurant.

    *Source: The Restaurant Association
Present Mexican Restaurant Successes:

Baja Fresh chain of fast-food Mexican restaurants was sold to Wendy’s for approximately $280 million. Source: Public Filing

McDonalds purchased 90% of the shares of Chipotle, a fast-food Mexican restaurant chain.
Source: McDonalds

Rubio’s Mexican restaurants raised over $40 million and is currently trading on Nasdaq stock market with current market capitalization of $64 million and is operating over 100 restaurants.
Source: Public Filing

Jack-in-the-Box acquired Qdoba, a chain of fast-food Mexican restaurants for over $50 million.
Source: Public Filing

Did You Know Low-Carb Meals Are Healthy For You?

And, while other restaurants are struggling to meet this new demand, Cancun Grille will start out offering low-carb meals and make every effort to use only beef and chicken not injected with growth hormones.




Cancun Grille® Authentic Mexican Food with a Caribbean Flavor

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