Interview with Co-founders

In the last 10 years, the face of the restaurant industry has changed significantly to meet the changing demographic patterns and trends in the United States. Fresh Mexican food has become the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry. According to the National Restaurant Association, Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular ethnic dining categories in the United States, tied with Italian and Chinese food at a 97% consumer-awareness level.

We believe consumers in particular, are responding to the variety of fresh ideas and approaches that new restaurants are bringing to the marketplace, as well as to the introduction of new menus. As a result of this trend, we recently organized Cancun Grille, Inc. to take advantage of opportunities that we believe exist in the restaurant industry, particularly in the fresh Mexican segment of the restaurant industry.

Our vision is to become the leading national restaurant brand known for defining the standard for fresh Mexican food with a Caribbean flavor. The Cancun Grille concept is captured by five principal characteristics: (i) high quality, consistently fresh and flavorful food; (ii) generous portions; (iii) excellent value for the customer; (iv) upbeat and convenient service; and (v) a wide variety of menu offerings. Moreover, we intend to enhance our market position by capitalizing on the demand for quick casual restaurants and other favorable industry trends and expanding our concept on a nationwide basis.

Further, the goal of Cancun Grille, Inc. is to grow our concept and brand through both company-owned and franchised restaurant development. By moving quickly to develop a chain of quick casual restaurants, we believe that we can build a category-defining brand and create an ongoing competitive advantage in our respective market.

Our unique concept will be an upscale quick casual restaurant (QSR) rather than a fast-service drive-up with blah tasting burritos and tacos, or a full-service restaurant where you wait forever to get served and then are expected to tip 15 to 20 percent. Instead, we will define ourselves as a QSR where your order is brought to you, not in a basket, wrapped in paper, or on a plastic plate with plastic utensils, but on real dinnerware for hot servings presented on big, heavy preheated platters. Customers can expect large portions of authentic Mexican food with a Caribbean flavor, and no tipping is required or expected unless the customer so desires.

When you visit a Cancun Grille, you will be vicariously entering an elegant restaurant like in Cancun, Mexico. As our guests, you will be greeted by hostesses and female employees wearing bright and colorful Mexican fiesta dresses, and men dressed in black or tan slacks with the famous original Mexican shirts called guayaberas. These neatly dressed men and women will stand out from many other establishments where the employees wear a mixed-match of clothes. At our facilities, you will be surrounded by a tropical Caribbean atmosphere and music of the region to excite both young and old alike. Cancun Grille will be a family restaurant with locations close to schools, churches and shopping centers. And, whenever possible, many of our sites will be constructed on property that we purchase.

Ben and Max
Cancun Grille, Inc.

Cancun Grille® Authentic Mexican Food with a Caribbean Flavor

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