Interview with Co-founders

Co-founder’s Daughter
Makes the Grade

When it comes to commitment, organization, training, supervision, and a working knowledge of the restaurant and retail industry, Tamara Kuebler makes the grade. The daughter of Cancun Grille’s Co-founder Max Kuebler, Tamara put herself through eight years of college by working in restaurant and retail establishments. During her employment she was in several training programs covering human resources, writing training manuals, managing sales and customer relations.

Organizing her school and work activities took hard work and dedication, but those two qualities have always remained constants in Tamara’s success. This accomplished young woman graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree from California Lutheran University followed by her Master’s Degree in 2001 at the University of Denver. Tamara also took her education to a higher level by completing two years toward her Doctorate Degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

To put her schooling and work ethics into better perspective, Tamara attended her high-school and college years without missing a single day. While earning her degrees, she gained the necessary work experience and self-confidence to become Cancun Grille’s general office manager in charge of both human resources and the Company’s training programs. Tamara will join the team once Cancun Grille is up and running and additional restaurants are built.

“Tamara’s ability to communicate effectively with all levels of business coupled with her supervisory, management and problem-solving skills make her a great asset to this Company,” her dad says. “She’s committed to professional standards and that’s what Cancun Grille is all about.”

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