Interview with Co-founders
Max W. Kuebler - CEO CFO
Company’s Co-owner Brings More to the Table than Mexican Food

What? You’ve never heard of Cancun Grille? Well, that’s all about to change if this businessman has anything to do about it. Meet Max W. Kuebler, co-founder and co-owner of Cancun Grille whose hot idea is creating quite a stir in the restaurant industry.

Throughout his career, Max has been admired by many of his colleagues and friends for his ability to carefully identify new business opportunities and then develop them into greater financial successes. The startup operation of Cancun Grille is no exception.

Max has owned and managed an import/wholesale business, as well as two other establishments, which he eventually sold for a substantial profit. He’s also helped family and friends create their own financial futures by assisting them in starting their own businesses.

However, Max’s career didn’t begin as a company owner. To earn extra money in high school, Max worked in restaurants cleaning tables, washing dishes, and mopping floors. The jobs weren’t glamorous he says, but they earned him a whopping $.75 - $1 per hour, decent money back then.

He also worked at his uncle’s market stocking shelves, acting as cashier, and managing the service meat counter and produce department. “I gained discipline and knowledge of what it took to operate a business by observing my uncle on a daily basis,” Max says. To further that discipline, he joined the Navy for four years where he proudly served as an aircraft director on an aircraft carrier.

After returning to civilian life, Max worked again for his uncle while studying meat, food preparation and purchasing for four years to become a journeyman meat-cutter. Because of his success in running the largest meat counter in California, tripling the business in just six months, he was invited into International Traders, where he accepted a job as senior consultant and trade director.

Max stayed with the company for 20 years and ran a lecture circuit speaking on several subjects related to starting and running a successful business and traveled to most major United States cities, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Canada. More than 250 persons attended these business meetings and once a year his annual convention had as many as 3,000 attendees at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

Another country Max became familiar with was Mexico. From the early 1960s to the 1990s he traveled to Mexico two to three times during the year visiting all West Coast seaports including Mexico City and Guadalajara. These visits, which lasted from two to six weeks, resulted in Max’s fondness for the Mexican culture, its romantic music, and the many different culinary treats the country had to offer.

In addition, Max and his wife, Jean, conducted business tours to meet overseas suppliers throughout Europe, South America and the Orient. They had to personally arrange three to four meals a day for groups consisting of 50 to 70 importers. It became a challenge to select the appropriate menu items often resulting in Max and Jean meeting with staff members and chefs in advance to ensure no meal was duplicated.

It’s evident that this Company’s co-owner has traveled down many roads of opportunity while enjoying his successes along the way. His next stop…Cancun Grille.

Cancun Grille Brings the Taste of the Mexican Riviera to You

Very tasty fish tacos popular on the East and West Coast of Mexico and let’s not forget the wonderful shrimp platters as an entrée followed by the catch-of-the-day fish dinners. Other popular entrées available will include carne asada (tender grilled steak), beef, chicken or pork tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, hand-made tamales, burritos especial, varieties of combination platters and tostados grande.

Quench your thirst with your favorite soft drink, Mexican beer and your favorite south-of-the-border margaritas.

Cancun Grille® Authentic Mexican Food with a Caribbean Flavor

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