Personalized and professional e-mails under $10 a yr.


1. In order to have a personal e-mail address you will need a domain name. $9.00 yr.

  • (Realtors only) This domain name can be re-directed to your personal directory within your corporate website.This will give your leads direct access to your profile.
  • Use your own domain name on your business cards and other marketing materials.

2. Once you have your own domain name you can buy 5 forwarding account. $1.07 yr.

Example:,,, etc.

  • These emails are then re-directed to one or more e-mail accounts, like your personal, office or cell phone.
  • You also can have a catch-all account. (Anything that is typed in front of your domain name in an e-mail format Exsample: ??? will be catched.)
  • You also get an auto-response, allowing you to send a short message to anybody that e-mails you.

Example: Thank you for contacting me.
For immediate assistance call (281) 123-4567

Sincerely, Kim

kim Jones

3. If you need a reliable, secure and Spam-Free webmail mailbox we have several choices:

  • 1 e-mail account, 5 MB Storage - Junior plan $9.95 yr.
  • 5 e-mail account, 50 MB Total Storage - Deluxe plan $19.95 yr.
  • 50 e-mail account, 250 MB Total Storage - Business Plan $29.95 yr.


We do it for you

These above options require a basic computer knowledge to activate and maintain.

To buy this and other products click here.

Your time is money and you would rather have it set up for you. For an Additional $50.00 we will set up your domain and e-mail in as little as two days.

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